Gopika Nath  is a Fulbright  Scholar, alumni  of The Central School of Art and Design , London, U.K.  A Textile  Designer,  Fiber  Artist, Writer and Teacher, her association with Textiles began in 1976.  Gopika's talent  and  expertise  have  been  successfully  employed  by  the Corporate Sector, the Handloom Industry, Retail Organizations, Fashion Designers, Exporters and Educational Institutes.

Working with textiles as 'Art for Wear', she created her own range of exclusive hand painted sarees and scarves.  She has worked with some of the leading Fashion Designers of the country and her work has been exhibited in India and abroad.  Of this it has been said - "Gopika Nath's professional competence matched with her free expressive sense of styling and designing has made her collection of sarees quite unique --- she is a painter, a designer, a colour specialist.  If you choose to wear one of Gopika Nath's creations, it would be a bit like donning an original painting."

As a design professional, Gopika Nath is an acknowledged leader in more ways than one. In addition to teaching traditional subjects relating to design, she has conceived,designed and taught a unique design sensitization programme for management  professionals. She has also conducted lectures on 'Design and Society in the  Indian  Context' highlighting  various social  issues  that  remain  largely ignored in the business of Design.

Working with various agencies under the aegis of the Ministry of Textiles, and private organizations, Ms. Nath has considerable experience of working with crafts people in the rural sector.  In this regard, she has undertaken projects for design and development of fabric in Block printing, Ikat as well as Kashmiri hand embroidered chain stitch fabrics and rugs. In addition she has worked in the tribal region of Bastar to revive the dying handloom art of the region.  For someone who has worked so actively in the visual realm, her evolution from Textile Designer to Textile artist has been a matter of course.  Once again she leads in this area as a "darer on virgin ground. questioning the currently accepted parameters of art.Her intellected stance may well help make the act of art, socially more fractious."

Gopika is inspired to embroider, rather than paint on canvas.  She believes that Textile Art is a key element in defining the future of India's hand-crafting legacy.  Working with needle and thread, exhibiting her work as an artist/ craftsperson in the environs of the Art Gallery, she hopes to be able to lend dignity to the notion of hand-crafting as 'Art', elevating it beyond mere skilled labour, as it is largely considered today. The ideologies of the traditional practice of hand-crafting in ancient India along with Hindu Myths form a key feature of her current research and expression.

Gopika Nath is well travelled and presents a world view in all her activities and ideas.  She has studied in London and lived there for a number of years; spent time in the U.S. researching Textile Art in America, and has also visited Japan, sponsored by the Japan Foundation, to meet and interact with Asian Textile Artists/ Designers.  She is currently involved in various Art and Design activities and writes on issues related to Craft, Art, Design and Textile as Art.

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